Since the outbreak of the war we have established a project where we produce hats for thousands of soldiers every day

We embroider inspiring messages that lift and strengthen the morale and strengthen the spirit

We also make hats for the units with the symbols of the unit, so that the hat sets them apart and makes the soldiers stronger as they unite together in purpose and spirit

And in addition we offer messages such as Together We Will Win
Am Yisrael Chai
Magen David
and more

We make sure that every soldier has a sun hat, a woolen hat and a neck warmer for protection

The whole project succeeds thanks to people who donate money and time to make it happen

Every hat you donate goes to a soldier in the field to protect him and strengthens his spirit

On the payment page, enter a dollar amount for the desired number of hats: 5 Hats $35  25 Hats $500   50 Hats $1,000   200 Hats $4,000 1,000 Hats $20,000 5,000 Hats $100,000

משלוח חינם בהזמנה מעל ₪249
משלוח עד 5 ימי עסקים
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